Sunday, October 21, 2007

Many Ikea toys NOT made in China

One of our readers had asked about various products from Ikea and whether or not they were made in China. We have completed our Ikea research and found that while most of the Ikea products were not made in Sweden or China, there is a wide selection of toys made in other countries. Unfortunatly, few Ikea products are available online. If you have an Ikea near you, please print out the list below for a great selection of toys.

Klappar car and pull toys- Thailand
Mula Push wheel- Bulgaria
Mula stacking cups- Malaysia
Lillabo train set- Bulgaria
Stuffed bat and spider- Vietnam
Stuffed crocodile, turtle, soccer ball- Indonesia
Duktig doll bed- Indonesia
Piggy banks- Spain
Ekoree walker- Sweden
Kalas cups- Malaysia
Mumsa and Hungrig dinner sets- Malaysia
Laakan bath- Poland
Minnen Hobby Horse- Vietnam


shares said...

Thanks for this blog! I've been looking for a resource for this, and the links to Amazon are really helpful. I especially like this listing of IKEA toys.

Sacramento Coffee and Sacramento Safe Kids said...

You're welcome! Hope you have an enjoyable holiday and fun shopping too!

Anonymous said...

I like Ikea toys very much (and my daughter too).
Recently I've bought set of 24 building blocks with wagon (MULA) for my daughter. There is a label that it was made in China. Can you confirm me that those blocks do not have lead paint?

Sacramento Coffee and Sacramento Safe Kids said...

We do not recommend the MULA wagon because it is made in China. Ikea has some other toys that are not made in China.

We cannot confirm that this toy does not have lead paint because we have not tested it.